Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Onion spring

My garden is just getting started, and the first of many things to pop up have been the onions. I've also planted several types of tomatoes, hot peppers, sunflowers, greens, carrots....and I have no idea if any of it will take. Every time I walk to the garden I get excited to see what's occurred since I was there last.

I've rented a 1/2 plot through Project Grow in a public park near where I live. The other gardeners in the neighboring plots are all just about settled in, though it's still early. With so few plants, it currently looks like a hodge-podge of odds-and-ends fencing and posts.

This evening I walked back just as the sun was setting. The smell of pine trees and the sound of the birds was wonderful- this is a very exciting time of year in Michigan. It's going to be a great summer.

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Claire said...

I think it's about time we take another trip to your lovely little garden plot!