Thursday, June 24, 2010


A 4 hour bus ride through every little town between here and Guadalajara and I've arrived. Karen & Oswaldo, and Olga and Gleb from Russia- we had a fantastic time helping get ready for the wedding, running around in the rain, eating tacos, drinking michelada's (a blend of beer, tomato sauce, lemon, chilies, salt, magi sauce & clamato (if you'd like)). It's a beautiful little town in the mountains and we're staying in the central square, near the cathedral that they're going to be married at on Saturday.

The photo of the woman in red is chopping pork cheek meat for tacos, which we're eating in the next photo. The best are the crispy tacos- they fry jalapenos in oil, then wrap them in corn tortillas and fry them again. Then she cracked them open, filled them with carnaza (pork cheek meat), beans, cilantro, chile sauce and lime.

Now, we go to see the flock of sheep that Oswaldo & Karen bought 6 months ago. This is their last day- tomorrow they will be slaughtered for the evening's reception.

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